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The '''Zen Tricksters''' are an American Grateful Dead cover band. For almost thirty years, the Zen Tricksters have been playing Grateful Dead covers and jam band music, as well as derivative original songs. The band started out as the Volunteers, playing small venues around New York's Long Island. At its core, the band has been composed of Jeff Mattson on lead guitar and vocals, for most of its history, Tom Circosta on rhythm guitar and vocals, and Klyph Black on bass and vocals.Weinstein, Brian. "The Zen Tricksters Celebrate their 25th Anniversary at the Downtown", ''Long Island Entertainment News'', October, 2004 Over the years, the Zen Tricksters have gone through several lineup changes, which have included female singers. Both Jeff Mattson and one of their former members, keyboard player Rob Barraco, was called to play with Phil and Friends for three shows in October 1999, and Rob continued to play with Phil Lesh and...
OriginLong Island, New York
GenreRock music|Rock
Years active1979 – present
Label| website = []
Current membersJeff Mattson
Klyph Black
Tom Circosta
Dave Diamond
Past membersRob Barraco
Jennifer Markard
Joe Chirco
Pete Levin
Joe Ciarvella
Alan Lerner